San Francisco SexologIsts & Intimacy Coaches


Who are our California Relationship Centers sexologists, sex therapists and sex educators?

We are clinical sexologists, pleasure advocates, sex therapists and relationship counselors who work with San Francisco and East Bay individuals and couples issues specifically around sexuality from a sex-positive, non-judgmental and shame-free paradigm of healing.


San Francisco baY area Sex TheRapIsts & Sexologists

As a Sexuality Specialists with decades of experience in the sexuality professions, our team brings a wealth of expertise, knowledge, inclusivity, compassion and empathy to working with individuals and partners around intimacy and sexuality.

We help our clients gain understanding on how human sexuality and attachment shape our relationship to ourselves, our bodies and our partners. From understanding the physiology of how the body works sexually, as well as the neuroscience of attachment and connection, our sex therapists guide folx in healing, growing and expanding sexual intelligence.

Our SF sex therapists and sexologists collaborate with clients to cultivate and sustain health, awareness, embodiment and happiness in the realms of their individual and collective sexuality

Intimacy coaching, sex therapy and sex education can help couples and individuals learn about how their bodies work, identify their feelings (emotional and somatic) and work to increase desire and connection while removing blocks to intimacy and pleasure.

Our San Francisco Intimacy and Sexuality Experts thoroughly understand the intersection of attachment (how we bond) and somatic practices (how we feel in our bodies) and psychology (how our thoughts and narratives affect our bodies and relationships). With this knowledge we guide clients in deepening and expressing their authentic sexuality and relationship needs and desires.

In order to create profound change in both the mind and body, we help people holistically develop emotional and sexual intelligence.

We work with clients in person, online as well as supporting your growth on your own by customized and uniquely tailored exploration intimacy building activities .

We Speak relationship & intiMacy

Sexuality Experts with decades of experience working with thousands of individuals, couples & groups.  We offer workshops and adult sexuality education classes, private intensives and retreats in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We support people across the globe to increase pleasure, reduce shame and deepen connection to self and others.

California Relationship Centers: specializing in individual and couple's sexual heath, embodied connection and holistic wellness.

Our team consists of licensed Clinical Psychologists and MFTs, Certified Sex Therapists, Sex Educators, Clinical Sexologists, Sex & Intimacy Coaches, Somatic & Attachment Sexuality Counselors, Couples Therapists, Holistic Counselors, Sexual Wellness Coaches and Relationship Experts. Our Team of relationship and sexuality counselors work with individuals, non-monogamous and monogamous partners who identify across the gender and sexuality spectrum. We work with heterosexual, cis-gendered people as well as and LGBTQI+ and non-binary folx. We create safe space for all people in this intimate and personal workS


Sex Therapy, Sex Education, Somatic Sexuality, Sexual Trauma, Attachment Needs, Healthy Communication, Healthy Body Image, Embodied Intimacy, Alternative Love/LifeStyles, Diversity and Interracial Relationships, LGBTQ, Tantra, Kink/BDSM, Tools and Techniques, Men’s Sexual Health, Trans Sexuality, Women's Sexual Empowerment, Parent Burnout & Sex, Pregnancy and Prenatal sexual concerns, Female Arousal & Orgasmic Response, Pelvic Floor Pain, Older Virgins, Custom-Crafted HomePlay, Re-framing Erectile "Dysfunction" and Early Ejaculation as Differently Functioning Erectile and Orgasmic Response, Sexual Trauma, Shame and stigma free Sex Education, Consent & Boundaries, How to ask for what you want, skills and techniques, Private Intensives, Group Classes.

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