About Dr. Adrian Scharfetter, PhD

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Dr. Adrian Scharfetter, PhD, MFT

San Francisco Bay Area Couples & Sex Therapist & Professor of Human Sexuality at California Institute of Integral Studies specializing in:

Holistic psychotherapy, Individual therapy, relationship and couples counseling, sex therapy, and integration of the body and mind, issues around sex and sexual functioning, trauma, abuse, and spiritual emergence for both the individual and couples in the San Francisco Bay area. Bringing depth, emotional connection and intimate awareness back to partnership, sex, & attachment and sexual healing. Currently accepting clients in Napa and Berkeley locations.


San Francisco Bay Area

Sex Therapy, Couples Counseling & Individual Psychotherapy

Bringing depth and awareness back to emotional and sexual intimacy and healing.

Hi, my name is Dr. Adrian, and I am very happy to connect with you!
I am here to walk with you towards finding healing through stress, anxiety, depression, and life transitions, as well as difficulty around communication, emotional intimacy, relationships, sex and sexuality. I am happy to be a present and focused ally during these moments of doubt, frustration, and uncertainty.

We all have to face numerous challenges that life throws at us. Whether it is difficulty with a loved one, challenges around life transitions or upsetting life circumstances, difficulty around intimacy, sexuality, and feeling “othered” due to these circumstances and identities, or difficulty with our own emotions, we all only have three options: resisting the change, just getting through it, or learning from the challenge and growing a bigger life as a result. My goal is to help you uncover your true potential, listen to your own wisdom, and start leading a life that is more of your own making.

I offer attachment-based couples therapy, holistic individual psychotherapy, sex therapy, and integration of the body and mind. Dealing with issues around sex and sexual functioningtraumaabuse, and spiritual emergence for both the individual and couples in the San Francisco Bay area. I am currently accepting clients in my Berkeley and Napa offices.

What I specialize in:

  • Couples Communication, Stopping Negative Cycles & Deepening Emotional Connection and Intimacy

  • Sexuality and Sexual Health and Functioning

  • Depth Psychology as applied to: personal transformation, grief, healing, life transitions, healing from abuse, increasing self-awareness and overall holistic health and wellbeing.

  • Personal spiritual growth within the realms sexuality

  • Self-Esteem around Sex and Communicating Needs

  • Art Therapy

  • Issues around Sexual Abuse & Sexual Trauma

  • Male sexuality and intimacy issues

  • Poly, Non Monogamy, and Open Relationship Issues

  • Kink, BDSM, and Poly Issues

  • LGBTQ issues and unique needs

  • Work with Sexual Narcissism and Sexual Power Dynamics

  • Integration of Experiences around Spiritual and Psychedelic Explorations

San Francisco Couples counseling, marriage counseling, sex therapy, relationship therapy center

I build with you a space of safety, understanding, and curiosity.

In short, I do a lot of listening. I hold space for you to explore, without getting in your way. I hear your story, and I am a companion beside you on your journey towards wellness. I also am willing to hold witness to and help in therapeutic issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, sexuality and relational struggles. I support couples, partners and individuals in deepening emotional and sexual connection. I value and support diversity issues and strive to create a safe and welcoming space in our work together.

San Francisco Sex Therapy San Francisco Couples Therapy

Jungian and Depth Therapy / Expressive Art Therapy / Human Sexuality and Sex Therapy

San Francisco Bay Area Couples Therapy & Sex Therapy

How can I help? Benefits of working together can be:

  • Learning to navigate life transitions

  • Developing the freedom to express your authentic self

  • Recognizing barriers to romantic love and removing them

  • Finding your voice and becoming freer to speak your mind

  • Connecting and/or reconnecting to your creative self

  • Having more access to pleasure

  • Building self-esteem

  • Feeling less isolated

  • Healing from loss (death, break-ups/divorce, painful life transitions)

  • Replacing depression with a wider range of feelings and experiences

  • Developing skills to cope with anxiety

-Transpersonal Approach to Therapy, Sexuality, and Spiritual Awareness-

Transpersonal psychology broadens the traditional theories about the psyche to include the spiritual dimensions of our being. Incorporating both empirical and esoteric perspectives from global traditions, it provides a powerful model of personal growth, human development, and individual healing.

Sometimes spiritual practices unleash powerful inner forces that can be unsettling, or even frightening. In western society these events are often misconstrued as pathological and out-of-place. I have both personal and professional experience with the issues involved in spiritual emergence.

Knowledge and Expertise around Spirituality: Kundalini experiences, spiritual bypass, spiritual recovery, integration, psychedelics, unitive consciousness, existential crisis, near-death experiences, loss or change of faith, existential crisis, religious wounding, betrayal by a spiritual teacher, dark night of the soul.

Additional services:

· Coaching in: Career, Creativity, Relationships and Life Transitions
· Mindfulness Practice
· Workshops & Intensives on Spiritual Emergencies
· Workshops & Private Intensives on Relationships & Sexuality
· Workshops on Creativity and Life Path


Ph.D. in Transformative Studies, with a concentration in Human Consciousness
—California Institute of Integral Studies, 2017

Masters in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Expressive Art Therapy:
— California Institute of In
tegral Studies, 2012

Certification for Psychedelic Therapies and Research
— California Institute of Integral Studies, 2016

Certification in Sex Therapy and Education
— California Institute of Integral Studies, 2017

BFA Fine Art
— Memphis College of Art, 1997

Professional Affiliations
-National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
-Bay Area Open Minds
-California Association for Marriage and Family Therapists
-Jung Institute of San Francisco

Dr. Adrian Scharfetter, PhD, AMFT#IMF78210

Dr. Scharfetter's San Francisco Bay Area Couples Counseling & SeX Therapy Office locations:


1508 F Street, Suite 3, Sacramento, CA 95814

1801 Bush St, San Francisco, CA 94109

1918 Bonita Avenue, Suite 202, Berkeley, CA 94704

1420 Third Street, Suite 10, Napa, CA 94559

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