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Christina Padilla, AMFT

Walnut Creek & Pleasant Hill Couples Therapist, Child & Family Therapist and Individual Psychotherapist


I practice a client-centered approach, adjusting my therapeutic techniques to be individually appropriate to my client(s) and their needs. My experience ranges from psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral approaches to attachment theory and mindfulness techniques. This means I understand the neuroscience and psychology of connection (attachment) and help couples, families and individuals of all ages to understand their feelings and needs and develop the skills needed to meet their goals.

My commitment as a therapist is to work with my clients to relieve mental blocks that inhibit the ability to grow and flourish with a sense of self awareness, self acceptance, and self love. The majority of my experience is working with low-income families impacted by addiction, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and other traumas.

My approach is gentle, yet effective. I prioritize multicultural awareness in my practice. It is my belief that no person should experience discrimination based on race, culture, gender, or sexual identity. I am also highly intrigued by how each of these impact one’s life and relationships, and am eager to explore this with my client(s) in therapy.

-Christina Padilla, AMFT, East Bay Couples Counselor, Individual Psychotherapist, Child Therapist and Family Therapist


  • Provided therapeutic services to adults, children, and couples using a wide array of therapeutic techniques and theories including:

    • attachment theory

    • emotionally focussed Therapy for Couples (EFT)

    • couples therapy

    • family therapy

    • cognitive behavioral therapy

    • psychodynamic theory

    • and other client-centered (including holistic) techniques.

  • Christina has provided therapeutic services to children, who were formerly homeless and diagnosed with various psychological or behavioral issues.

  • Collaborated with parents and administrators to address childrens’ educational setbacks

  • Provided a safe, supportive environment to engage in play therapy with children using different therapeutic approaches and theories.

  • Facilitated a support group for parents struggling with mental health and substance abuse disorders

  • Facilitated and formulated group therapy and an educational program for young children and parents

  • Provided a safe, supportive environment for clients while creating a space of growth and compassion.

Marriage and Family Therapist Associate Supervised by

Lora Groppetti, LMFT

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